Auctions Brisbane

Slattery Auctions Brisbane

Slattery Auctions large high security premises is located in the Brisbane suburb of Stafford and is the central hub for all of our major Queensland truck and machinery auctions. Our 10,000sqm premises located within 15 mins of the Brisbane CBD and Brisbane Airport services a strong following of loyal buyers in the motor vehicle, truck, machinery and earthmoving sectors.

With a regular truck and machinery auction each month, weekly motor vehicle auctions and regular general auctions, as well as a number of onsite auctions, Slattery Auction’s Brisbane site disposes of millions of dollars of assets each month.

From agriculture, farming, mining and engineering to automotive, aviation, marine and many more, we have the necessary experience and skills to value and remarket a wide range of assets.

Regularly scheduled truck and machinery auctions are held every third Tuesday of the month selling, among other things, between $2 and $5 million of trucks, trailers, plant and equipment, earthmoving and motor vehicle assets.

The regular Queensland truck and machinery auction is additional to regular motor vehicle specific auctions, as well as on-site auctions, on behalf of government, banks, finance companies, and both public and private companies.

Browse our open auctions today to find out more information on all of our room and online Brisbane auctions.