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Slattery Auctions Melbourne


Since opening in 2008 at Moorabin Airport, Slattery Asset Advisory and Slattery Auctions Victoria has experienced meteoric growth to a scale that has required it to move to its state of the art premises in South Dandenong.

Slattery Asset Advisory and Slattery Auctions’ 10,500 sqm premises in Dandenong South has over 6000sqm internal warehousing facilitating one of the only indoor Truck auction arenas in Australia. Regular truck and machinery auctions in Melbourne have occurred every third Thursday of each month since Slattery Auctions opened in Melbourne in 2008. Our Victorian truck and machinery auction has grown to sell millions of dollars of truck and machinery assets each month on top of the regularly scheduled on-site auctions on behalf of government, banks, finance companies as well as both public and private companies.

From agriculture, farming, mining and engineering to automotive, aviation, marine and many more, we have the necessary experience and skills to value and remarket a wide range of assets.

Slattery’s dynamism, flexibility and broad spectrum of specialities has set us apart from their competitors who tend towards a production line mentality. Slattery’s Victorian team is in the enviable position of possessing a large base of experience and skills whilst having the ability to call on our colleagues in other states for any national matters.

Buyer’s looking to purchase machinery, trucks, or cars through a room or online auction can feel confident in Slattery Auctions. Browse our auctions now to learn more about what we offer in Melbourne.