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Slattery Auctions Sydney

Slattery Auctions Sydney premises located in Villawood places it in the geographic heart of Sydney and positions it perfectly to service the large number of motor vehicle buyers, whether private or motor dealers, in the surrounding suburbs.

It is easily accessible from the M5 in the south, M4 and M2 in the north and the M7 in the west, as well as two local train stations and conveniently located close to Sydney airport. With a growing number of staff, Villawood is proving to be a strong launchpad into the largest market in Australia. The 12,000 sqm high-security premises in Villawood is secured with 8ft electric fencing, CCTV, security patrols and 24-hour vehicle drop off. Intended primarily as a major weekly motor vehicle auction, our Villawood premises is already attracting a wide range of stock ranging from general goods to industrial and marine assets on behalf of government, banks, finance companies as well as both public and private companies.

The Slattery Auctions Sydney site offers a wide range of services to our clients from reserved parking to their own personal offices and office infrastructure when doing business and visiting our site. Our buyers are also looked after with a large amount of on-site parking and lounge area.

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