Slattery Auctions Bucks National Truck Sale Trends

Despite a slow and gloomy start to the truck and trailer sales market in 2015, Slattery Auctions bucked the trend and proved that the market for high quality, low mileage, second hand vehicles still exists. As a national business we have observed strong levels of end buyer interest throughout the first quarter, none more compelling than those seen in Slattery Auction’s Brisbane February Truck and Machinery Sale. For the first time in some months end users outbid wholesale buyers to ensure a fully firm result from start to finish.

The auction was well attended on the day with a big crowd pulled in from across Australia and a strong online bidding presence.

We had a good line up of Kenworth Prime Movers with Pre EGR Caterpillar C-15 motors. These trucks are still in great demand due to the reliability and simplicity of the engine. They have a great following in rural Australia so the bidding crowd came from all over regional and remote Queensland and NSW. In most cases dealers were pushed out of the bidding by owner end users which in a generally soft market ensured a very good result for us.

A number of Drake Low Loaders met a softer market as the demand for heavy haulage in QLD decreases in line with the lack of new construction jobs through the state, however, we were pleased with the final result.

The February sale and our results in general across the transport sector this last quarter are proof that in a market where other auction houses are struggling to get good results for clients, Slattery Auctions can draw a strong buying crowd and get high quality assets into the hands of those prepared to go the whole way to get them.